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Storecheck Team

Who's behind

Michael Fenzl & David Le Guillermic

Michael Fenzl and his partner David Le Guillermic

More than 25 years ago, Michael turned his passion for fashion into his profession and over the years he has acquired a very well-founded generalist expertise in various
leading functions in the fashion and textile industry.

  • Director of Visual Merchandising
  • Director of Architecture
  • Head of Purchasing and Sales for Ladies & Men
  • Head of Production
  • Lectureship at the chair "International Fashion Retail"

He worked for the following companies

  • Galeries Lafayette, Berlin
  • Kenzo, Paris
  • mytheresa, Munich
  • Departmentstore in Quartier 206, Berlin
  • S.Oliver, Rottendorf
  • Galeria Kaufhof GmbH, Köln
  • Mandarina Duck, Dusseldorf
  • Triumph Trading, Bad Zurzach
  • and some more...

David is a true cosmopolitan: Born and raised in Paris, he spent many years in London and has lived in Berlin since 2004 as a writer and translator; he is also a passionate fashion professional and founder of STORECHECK.INTERNATIONAL.

The Idea behind

storecheck. international

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As a connoisseur of the industry, you will certainly be pleased to confirm this sentence, as will the fact that we fashion professionals use trade fairs or significant seasonal events such as Christmas, the start of the season and Sale to carry out store checks in the most important fashion cities, both nationally and internationally. In such cases, everyone usually goes out on their own to the best of their knowledge in the respective city in order to be inspired in the interests of their company or for themselves and, if necessary, to compare their own concepts with those of their competitors.

The idea for STORECHECK.INTERNATIONAL was born in 2012 to optimally organise such store checks in connection with the know-how of what is currently to be seen in new and current store concepts in the cities and at the same time to enable a professional networking exchange with like-minded experts.

Our absolute passion for fashion and more than 25 years of professional experience in the most diverse textile sectors enable us to discuss collection topics, shopping concepts, sales topics, visual merchandising, architectural concepts and PoS marketing with you in all important stores, or to offer you a tailor-made store check in your chosen city according to your personal interests at the time you choose!

Not a single store check is ever repeated: True to the motto "Trade is change", every location is constantly changing, which is why the STORECHECK.INTERNATIONAL team is researching for you every day both on site as trend scouts and via media analysis, in order to always be up to date with the latest and most important store concepts in all the cities on offer, whereby of course we don't want to withhold the hottest restaurants, hotels and current cultural events from you...

We are looking forward to the exchange with you + see you soon,


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