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#GRAZ 01.2020



Lena Hoschek is one of the few Austrian fashion designers who have achieved international standing. Katy Perry and Charlotte Roche are among her clients who are inspired by her unique style, which can probably best be described as an extravagant mixture of historical costume, elegant evening wear and the highest attention to detail.

Since 2012 Lena Hoschek has been designing her own couture line for extravagant evening gowns and gorgeous wedding dresses.

Next to the Graz branch there is a flagship store in Vienna - always worth a visit...

Joanneumring 3

Mo-Fr 10-18h, Sa 10-17h



When you enter the Department Store of Kastner & Öhler in Graz, it is hard to believe that such a stately and glamorous house can be found in the otherwise winding and UNESCO-protected old town of Graz. The huge department store, which was the first large department store in Austria-Hungary at that time, has been in existence since 1883. It is astonishing that this was not the case in Vienna or Budapest, but in the tranquil city of Graz...

The beautiful "Great Hall" with its rich stucco work has existed since 1913 - one of the main sights in Graz!

Sackstrasse 7-13

Mo-Fr 9:30-19h, Sa 9:30-18h



That Styrian cuisine is one of the best in Europe is probably beyond question - at the Steirer in Graz this is even surpassed - our absolute favourite restaurant in Graz!

"Styrian Tapas" are a real speciality here and are actually enough to make you full and happy - e.g. "pickled trout with red lentils" or "veal goulash with spinach dumplings" or "smoked meat on warm coleslaw" - the offer is simply divine and changes constantly - worth your own trip...

Belgiergasse 1

Mo-Su 11-0h

#BRUSSELS 01.2020



The Rue Dansaert is certainly no longer a real insider tip. Nevertheless, the coolest and most avant-garde life in all of Brussels still takes place here: STIJL was one of the main founders of this hype more than 15 years ago and is represented here with one shop each for women and men.

In addition to the fashion brands of the world-famous "Antwerp Six" (including Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Walter Van Bierendonck), you will also find designer names like Raf Simons, Tim Van Steenbergen and many more - a real institution not to be missed!

Rue Antoine Dansaert 74 (women) 

Place du Nouveau Marche aux Grains 6 (men)

Mo-Sa 10:30-18:30h



The OLDMASTERS Museum was founded as early as 1801 by Napoleon and has been the most important museum for art of the 15th to 18th century since Belgian independence in 1830.

Until 09.02. you can admire the extraordinary art installation "Me Somewhere Else" by the contemporary Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota.

Some of the most important paintings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder can be found in Room 68 - The work "The Fall of the Rebellious Angels" is still visionary today...

Rue de la Regence 3

Tue-Fr 10-17h, Sa/Su 11-18h

#STUTTGART 12.2019



BREUNINGER has been a genuine institution far beyond the borders of Stuttgart since 1881 and, with 35'm2 , is one of the largest department stores in Germany.

The Breuni bear has been the company's mascot since 1952 and this year it plays a leading role in the Christmas campaign, staged by Michel Comte: Thousands of golden baubles reflect Christmas lights, and Breuni is available as a 25cm tall figure made of Berlin KPM porcelain with real gold coating in a limited edition...Merry Christmas!

Marktstrasse 1-3

Mo-Fr 10-20h, Sa 9:30-21h



S.OLIVER celebrates birthday! 50 years have passed since owner Bernd Freier founded his brand with Madras shirts and six years later opened his first own shop in Würzburg - congratulations!

The name S.OLIVER is actually inspired by Charles Dickens' novel character Oliver Twist.

The flagship store in Stuttgart shows the latest shopfitting concept and invites customers to linger with its varied design, coffee and seating areas as well as innovative digitalisations - is definitely worth a visit!

Königstrasse 46

Mo-Sa 10-20h




PEEK & CLOPPENBURG was founded in 1869 in the Netherlands and has existed in Germany since 1901, initially as a pure men's outfitter and since 1936 also for women's fashion and children's clothing.

P&C was the first company to introduce a uniform men's clothing size system.

This year's Christmas campaign is in a good mood - it is colourful and fun-loving under the family motto "Be together".

Berliner Allee 1

Mo-Sa 10-20h



PIERRE CARDIN is a designer of superlatives:

He began his career in 1944 and is considered to be the world's longest active professional in the fashion business.

He was the first to make couture available to a broad public in a portable version and thus invented the "Pret-a-Porter".

He invented the lucrative licensing business.

The exhibition in the Kunstpalast runs until 05.01.2020 - don't miss it!

Kunstpalast Dusseldorf Ehrenhof 4-5

Tu/We/Fr-Su 11-18h, Thu 11-21h

#ROTTERDAM 12.2019



DE BIJENKORF was founded as early as 1870 in Amsterdam - the house in Rotterdam is one of the largest department stores in the chain, alongside The Hague and the flagship store in Amsterdam.

In the course of the destruction in World War II, the present house was rebuilt by star architect Marcel Breuer in 1960.

DE BIJENKORF's strategy led to the closure of numerous branches in 2014 in order to focus more on online retailing and premium product orientation.

Coolsingel 105

Mo-Thu 10-19h, Fr 10-21h, Sa10-19h



MARKTHAL stands for the unique spirit of architectural innovation in Rotterdam due to the severe destruction in World War II.

The MARKTHAL was completed in 2014 and is the only market building in which one can also live, there are a total of 228 apartments.

Arno Coenen's ceiling artwork describes fruits and vegetables, as in a Dutch still life, which are to be perceived by the viewer as from the perspective of insects.

Try the croquettes at HET KROKET LOKET, surely the best in Rotterdam!

Verlengde Nieuwstraat

Mo-Thu 10-20h, Fr 10-21h, Sa/Su 10-18h

#PARIS 12.2019



The LE PRINTEMPS Christmas windows are once again together with the neighbouring GALERIES LAFAYETTE one of the highlights this year for children, who can watch the moving animations on specially built ramps from morning until late in the evening. The windows were opened this year by Chiara Ferragni.

Since its opening in 1865, there have been two major fires, with the world-famous Art Deco dome being built after the second fire in 1923.

64 Boulevard Haussmann

Mo-Sa 9:35-20h, Su 11-19h



The GALERIES LAFAYETTE CHAMPS ELYSEES are probably the most sensational new opening of the year - a completely new "concept store" department store concept is being realised here, which relies on intensive customer advice and the use of the latest technologies.

The Danish architecture team BIG is responsible for the conversion of the beautiful 6500m2 Art Deco building and is currently making a name for itself worldwide with super innovative buildings.

60 Avenue des Champs-Elysees

Mo-Su 10:30-22h (partly open longer)

#LONDON 11.2019



SELFRIDGES has been setting trends for years and is without doubt the most innovative department store in London, if not the world.

The world-famous yellow bags were introduced in 1992 as part of a company-wide marketing upgrade.

This year's Christmas campaign is under the motto "Future Fantasy Tales" and wants to tell futuristic Christmas ideas - very daring progressive, but also very cool and not necessarily heart-warming...

400 Oxford Street

Mo-Sa 10-21h, Su 11:30-18h



HARRODS is not only one of the most famous department stores in the world, it is also Europe's largest with over 90'm2 and, after Parliament with Big Ben, the second most important tourist attraction in London.

The motto of this year's Christmas campaign is "The Kingdom of Christmas".

Since a few weeks the new menswear department has been opened on the 2nd floor, the largest in the world, very luxurious and competent, but unfortunately also angled and confusing - don't miss it!

87-135 Brompton Road

Mo-Sa 10-21h, Su 11:30-18h



OLAFUR ELIASSON is one of the most famous Danish artists worldwide; he lives and works in Berlin.

His current retrospective at the Tate Gallery of Modern Art lasts until 5 January - sensational!

Olafur's "Weather Project" could already be seen here in 2003/2004, when he had a gigantic artificial sunlight installed in the huge turbine hall, which attracted over two million visitors at the time...


Su-Thu 10-18h, Fr/Sa 10-22h

#ZURICH 11.2019



GLOBUS was founded in 1892 as J.Webers Bazar and was the first large department store in Switzerland. The main attractions at that time were electrically illuminated shop windows and fixed prices...

Especially in the pre-Christmas period, there is no department store in Europe that continues as consistently as GLOBUS shop window decoration in the interior. The Christmas decoration department is an absolute must, as is the irresistible DELICATESSA department in the basement...

Schweizergasse 11

Mo-Sa 9-20h



SPRÜNGLI is certainly one of the best confectioneries in the world. No matter if Luxemburgerli or Truffes du Jour, no matter if sandwiches or salads, no matter if cakes or marrons glaces, the offer is of the very best quality and unsurpassed. The perfect souvenir!

Since 1957 the Luxemburgerli have been the main speciality and the airier variant of the French Macarons and are offered in numerous flavours. Every month there is also a new seasonal creation. Absolutely enjoy fresh, the Luxemburgerli last a maximum of one to two days...

u.a. Paradeplatz

Mo-Fr 7-18:30h, Sa 8:30-18:30h, Su 9:30-17:30h

#BERLIN 11.2019



ANDREAS MURKUDIS is located away from the classic shopping districts in the recently hip Potsdamer Strasse in a former industrial building that was formerly used by the newspaper "Tagesspiegel".

The generosity of the Concept Store and the very individual mix of brands and brand contents are unique in Berlin. The main store "81" specializes in fashion and is complemented by the two stores "77" and "98", where interior design is sold.

Potsdamer Strasse 81

Mo-Sa 11-19h



The C/O Berlin sees itself as an exhibition house for international photography and is located in the Amerika-Haus, which originally served as a cultural and information center for the USA in West Berlin.

Each year, up to 12 photo exhibitions are shown on a wide variety of topics.

The current exhibition "No Photos on the Dance Floor!" is dedicated to the legendary Berlin club scene from the post-reunification period until today and runs until November 30 - don't miss it!

Hardenbergstrasse 22-24

Mo-So 11-20h

COLOGNE 11.2019



APROPOS has been around for more than 30 years and now, in addition to the flagship in Cologne, also in Dusseldorf, Munich and Hamburg.

In addition to luxury fashion by the world's most important designers, there is a huge selection of exclusive beauty and interior products.

You get to the store through a pink passage and immediately feel like in an oasis in the middle of the city: in addition to shopping, you can also go to the "Oscar" for lunch or a drink and enjoy the atmosphere. Cologne feels like a real metropolis here...

Mittelstrasse 12

Mo-Sa 10-19h



The KÖLNER DOM not only stands for Cologne, but is also a monument of national importance and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

The Gothic church was built in 1248 as a place of pilgrimage to the bones of the Three Kings. It was Goethe's efforts that enabled the cathedral to be completed in 1880. At the time of its completion, the cathedral was the highest building in the world with a height of 157m.

Since 2006 you can also admire church windows designed by Gerhard Richter: On 106 m2 more than 11000 glass colour squares a 10cm*10cm are randomly arranged. Don't miss it!

#FRANKFURT 10.2019



For more than 10 years, UEBERVART has been the coolest reference in Frankfurt for Urban Contemporary Menswear.

Here you'll find cool limited sneakers next to established brands like Acne, Aime Leon Dore, Aspesi, Stone Island, Comme des Garcons and many more...

The shopping atmosphere here is relaxed and cool, around the corner there are numerous cafes and pubs for relaxing as well as pure culture in the nearby Goethe House...

Kleiner Hirschgraben 14

Mo-Fr 10:30-19h, Sa 11-19h



The reconstruction of a destroyed old town is always an ambivalent matter: historical infusion or confession of history?

Frankfurt has succeeded in combining reconstruction with modern architecture: Since 2018, the Römerberg, which was reconstructed until the 1980s, has been extended by 35 new buildings, 15 of which are reconstructions of historic old town houses that were destroyed in World War II.

Cool little cafes, bars and shops lend the new quarter a unique flair that is gladly accepted by Frankfurters and tourists alike.


#VIENNA 10.2019



Don't miss it! PARK was Austria's first concept store when it was founded in 2004 and is still a real institution for fashion experts in Vienna today.

Ann Demeulemeester, Comme des Garcons, Raf Simons, Bernhard Willhelm and many more are assembled here in their own combinations to the PARK typical style.

Since 2008, the PARK range in the associated online shop has also been inviting non-Viennese shoppers to shop.

Mondscheingasse 20

Tu-Fr 10-19h, Sa 10-18h



Where you can get the best „Käsekrainer“ (cheese filled sausages) in Vienna has always been the subject of heated debate here. Our clear favourite are the „Bergkäsekrainer“ in Cafe Else, which are available here with hot mustard, fresh horseradish, baked garlic and breadcrumbs. Fantastic...

The Cafe Else is located away from the tourist streams opposite the Praterstern.

Here live music events and art exhibitions take place regularly, gladly accompanied e.g. by Georgian cooking. Check the Website...

Heinestrasse 36

Mo/Tu 17-1h, We-Su 10-1h




AXEL ARIGATO sounds somehow Japanese, but it is Swedish.

The Swedish trend brand has been around since 2014. In addition to Gothenburg and Stockholm there are now own stores in London and since 07.2019 in Copenhagen.

Axel Arigato deliberately does without seasonal collections and traditional distribution channels and defines himself completely in his own way online, in art, music and architecture. Megacool.

Pilestraede 16                    
Mo-Thu 10-18h, Fr 10-19h,
Sa 10-17h, Su 12-16h



No insider tip in Copenhagen for a long time, STICKS'N'SUSHI is now available more than 20 times, once also in London and Berlin.

The philosophy is not only to bring the freshest and most responsible products to the table, but also the special mix of Japanese cuisine and sticks specialities - our Favourite Stick Yaki Yagi - with air-dried ham on baked goat cheese ... definitely try it!

Sticks‘n‘Sushi Tivoli Haven (and others)
Mo-Thu 10-23h, Fr/Sa 10-0h, Su 10-22h

#FLORENCE 09.2019



SOTF stands for Store of the Future, and there's a reason for this: in the store, you can check all items for availability and size with Ipads without customer advice and then buy them on site without a customer advisor.

Cool brands with a focus on sneakers:

Adidas, Aries, Buscemi, Nike, Off-White, OAMC, Puma, Palm Angels, Superga and many more.

Cool store design: Proves that you can create a great shopping atmosphere despite a narrow, tube-like room.  

Via de Tornabuoni, 17/r
Mo-Su 10-19h

Giardino Bardini


There are many beautiful views of Florence, but the view from the Giardino Bardini is certainly one of the most beautiful, and the park is a real secret tip for tourists.

The beautiful garden has its origins already in the 14th century: the highlight is a baroque staircase with a perfect view of the city; numerous statues, mosaics, caves and fountains underline the wonderful park atmosphere.     

Costa S.Giorgio, 2
Tu-Su 8:15-16:30/19:30h (depending on season)